Face Painting Practices To Observe At Birthday Parties

Birthday parties always become cheerful and uplifting whenever there is face painting involved. Whether you are a child or an adult, once you get your face painted with whichever character or animal you like, you will definitely feel more excited to engage in the party activities. To ensure that face painting is done well and the materials used do not run out, there are a number of practices that should be followed when you decide to have face painting to spice up your birthday party as an entertainment option.

Getting paints for the face

It is crucial to establish that the paints you are getting are proprietary to face painting only. They should never be toxic and always be water-based, since they will be washed off at the end of the day. Purchasing paints that are oil based are usually hard to get rid of immediately and can even be evident on the face for days. These can lead to huge problems for the children’s parents or even the adults themselves.

You can source the paints from places such as party supply stores and craft stores. During the purchase, it is very important to select various colors so that the face painting activity will create more variations on the participants’ faces. Those that should be in small quantities should be red, yellow, blue, white and black. This is because they can be mixed together to produce other various colors for face painting.

When it comes to brushes, you can also obtain both thin and thick brushes them from the same store as the paints. For the base color on the face, you can use the sponge method to avoid mixing of colors. In case you need to increase your artistic confidence, you can always download patterns from the net as guides which you can practice with. Where necessary, you can make patterns using stencils for the various shapes you intend to paint.

The process of face painting


The outdoors are usually the best place to conduct the face painting. If this is not possible, it is important to put layers of newspapers or magazines on the floor when having to face paint indoors. This is to make sure the flooring does not get stained.

Since everyone has different preferences, it is essential to bring with you a list from which kids and adults alike can choose the patterns or characters they want painted on them. Thereafter, it is essential to tie the hair back during face painting and also to never paint over open wounds to avoid infections. When you find an area with an open wound on the face or neck, you can opt to paint the back of their palms or arms.

As you start, it is always best to start with the lighter colors before applying the darker colors. To avoid smudges, the colors should always be left to dry first before adding other layers. Once the face-painting or whichever other area was being painted is done, the participant should always be told to refrain from touching it for about 10 minutes till it dries. Of course, you can have a fan to assist in the drying process. Face painting can be made even more exciting by adding extra effects such as glitter to add a tinge of sparkle to their faces.

All in all, face painting is always an enjoyable experience. Putting a smile on someone’s face with fun paint in an occasion such as birthdays can enhance the party mood and makes the day memorable. As you can see, it’s not easy to get face painting right and that’s why there are professional services for face painting in Calgary for birthdays. Fret not, such services come cheap so why not try them for an upcoming birthday?

Want To Throw A Reasonably Affordable Birthday Party For Your Kid?

The birthday party of your kid may have found you at a bad financial edge and yet you want to make it memorable for your kid. Birthday parties, especially for the kids have nowadays become too expensive since the kids’ expectations have become too expensive. Regardless, the parents are trying to meet these demands even when they can barely afford them. However, there are ways of having a reasonably cheap party that is still enjoyable and make your kiddo a happy birthday boy or girl.

1. Set a budget

A budget is a very crucial aspect in any financial activity, regardless of how small it could be. Budgeting will help you allocate your finances well not leaving out any detail as well as making sure that every item has been allocated a reasonable amount. In short, budgeting helps you in financial decision making. In this case, since it is your kid’s birthday party, you could consider involving them by asking what they would want in their party. This will help you in knowing the items to budget for and how much to allocate to each item.

2. Set reasonable expectations


To avoid having unreasonable expectations, involve your kid since the party is theirs. This will give you at least some rough ideas of what the kid’s expectations are. Therefore, you will know how to go about meeting these expectations in a simple and cheap way. Having unreasonable expectations such as buying for your kid lots of biscuits yet they wanted a cake may cost you. This is because you will have to buy that cake anyway, while the biscuits will be a loss!

Another way to ensure that your expectations are on track is for you to visit blogs for kids’ birthday parties to have a rough idea of what is usually expected of a birthday party more so by your kids. It will save you unrealistic decisions that are costly.

3. Compare the venue costs

In most cases, the venue is usually the most expensive of all, especially if you have to book a venue outdoors like a place of entertainment. However, you don’t have to go for the most expensive venue. There are other cheap but good places to hold a birthday party for your kid such as, your local park, community center, a friend’s place, as well as your home! You can decorate your chosen venue to meet the expectations of your kid and still save on your tight budget.

4. Make it short and fun

As a way of making sure that you hold a cheap birthday party for your kid, avoid having a very long party. Do not allow the guests to sleep over remember those who will spend the night will wake up at your house and they will require breakfast. Therefore, to avoid incurring the extra costs, make the party short but memorable for your kid.

5. Keep the guest list small

Do not invite so many guests just to make your kid happy when you cannot afford them. Keep the guest list small but special to your kid. It may not be as easy, especially if your kid’s birthday is during school time. It may not also be easy for you to determine the guests that your kid may prefer to attend his special day. You will, therefore, have to depend on your kid’s input so that you can invite the most favorite from his list of friends. As a result, your kid will enjoy and you will not have to incur so much cost.

If you want more ideas on how to throw affordable kids birthday parties in Calgary, simply contact us today!

How To Make Your Airbrush Tattoos Last Longer Than Usual

Airbrush tattoos are an excellent idea for people who want to have the luxury of a tattoo for any reason, but don’t want it to last very long. For instance, you could be a performer, and want to get a tattoo for an acting gig or a play. Kids may also be interested in getting airbrush tattoos for parties and other similar events. In such cases, getting a permanent one might not be a good idea. One could get an airbrushed one for some time to find out what it feels like to have a tattoo before making a more permanent decision.

Either way, one of the issues you will need to deal with is how to make the tattoo last longer. Depending on the type of ink used and the quality of the person doing the tattooing, most people find that their airbrush tattoos last on average two or three days. However, there is a lot you can do to extend the life of one to up to two weeks. Some of the tricks you can use include:

Coating the tattoos with petroleum jelly when coming into contact with water

After you get the tattoo, you might need to come into contact with water or other liquids. Examples of this include if you decided to go swimming. If you are not careful, the water could simply wash away the paint. To avoid this, you should consider coating the tattoo with some petroleum jelly or even talcum powder. This creates a layer between the water and the tattoo, reducing the risk of the latter getting damaged.

Avoid placing the tattoo in an area with too much friction


The other mistake that many people make is getting a tattoo on a part of the body that is usually exposed to too much friction. Examples of this include around the joints. This has the effect of rubbing the ink off, which means that the tattoo will wear out much faster than usual. Some of the areas where a tattoo might last long include on the forearm and on the lower leg.

Insist on quality

Always try to find a few reviews before you decide to get your airbrush tattoo done. Of course, some of the high quality contractors will charge you slightly more than most of the others out there. However, you would still be getting a good deal since the tattoo is likely to be of higher quality and also more long lasting. This is because these types of contractors tend to focus on using quality equipment and materials. Most also have tons of experience.

Don’t get the tattoo on a sweaty part of the body

Sweat, like water, will slowly wash away the tattoo if you are not careful. When you are considering getting one, you should avoid areas of the body that are too sweaty. If this is not possible, then you should consider reducing your chances of sweating. This can be done by staying in cool environments or by using substances that reduce the amount of sweating such as Drysol.

Skin preparation

Preparing the part of the skin where the tattoo is going to sit will not only increase the chances of it lasting long, but will also make it look more beautiful. Some of the things you can do to prepare the skin include exfoliating it to create a smooth surface. If the area is hairy, it would also be wise to shave it thoroughly as well.

When you combine all the above pointers, you are likely to end up with airbrush tattoos in Calgary that you will not only be proud of, but which will also last longer than the average time span without degrading in quality.

Corporate Entertainment Options For All Types Of Budget

Entertainment segment is a vital component for any corporate gathering as it can actually make or break an event. The right performer, act or a show can not only gain publicity for your event but can also reinforce brand awareness and leave the guests with a positive and long lasting impression. These days, large companies are paying special attention to this area and often hire reputable companies that offer corporate entertainment services for their events.

Why is corporate entertainment important?

corporate entertainment

Corporate entertainment is used for a number of reasons. They are considered to be a prime source of publicity and tend to generate interest at a public launch. Apart from entertaining clients and staff at a dinner or any special gathering, many companies use this means to reinforce brand values and attract footfall at an exhibition. Corporate entertainment is highly important for various types of events as it can play a pivotal role in promoting your business both at external and internal level.

What are the key elements of corporate entertainment?

The prime elements for the corporate entertainment to be successful at any corporate event depend primarily on the audience, the type of event, the business and the theme that is set. For instance, if a business is attending an exhibition or some other trade show, it needs entertainment that can attract more visitors to their stand. The key elements for such type of event would be an act or a performer that can act as a bespoke show for the company.

Options for corporate entertainment with a low budget

As mentioned earlier, the options would depend mostly on the type of the event that is arranged. There will be different requirements for trade show, party and a gala dinner. Some of the small budget options for different businesses include the following:

• Jazz duos that can perform background music while the dinner and drinks is served. Sometimes this is needed as a part of an exhibition stand.

• Caricaturists as mix and mingle entertainment are also a good option. They can include company logo on their pictures for promotion purpose.

• There are many companies who prefer to have a contortionist who can entertain the guests after the dinner is served.

• You can also have an aerialist to welcome the guests as they arrive or pour drinks suspended from the ceiling.

• Solo musicians can also be hired as many people love to listen music.

• If you are expecting kids to come at your corporate event, then it would be ideal to go for magicians. They can provide walk around entertainment or entertain the audience with their act after the dinner is served.

• In order to ensure that the entire function goes smoothly, you can hire a compere and it is guaranteed that your guests will simply love it.

Entertainment options for corporate events where budget is not an issue

For businesses that can allocate significant budget on corporate entertainment, there are numerous options for them to consider. The plethora of options can actually make the selection process quite difficult. Lighting shows are highly popular these days where performers are seen battling with four million volts of electricity. You can also hire an aerial team for the event or look for a martial arts interactive video mapping group to entertain your audience.

Over the past several years, more people are showing interest in corporate entertainment and look for entertainment options that are fun and attention-grabbing. They often seek companies that charge reasonably and take an out of the box approach. If you are looking for such a company, look no further as we are an established corporate entertainment company in Calgary that offers our services to meet all kinds of budgets!

The History Of Clowns

Right through medieval and modern times, there have always been people in the society with the ability to entertain and make others laugh. Unfortunately, there isn’t much written about clowns in ancient times. Much of the available history is all about wars, battles and major events that highlighted different generations. Such records have been passed down to recent times and are often being studied by scholars in a bid to turn back the wheels of time just to have a glimpse of how people lived years ago. The art and day to day activities of ordinary folk in the society were lost in time.

It is therefore safe to state with certainty that indeed, the history of clowns is drenched in ambiguity. But that does not mean that they didn’t exist. They did, just like poets, painters and musicians. There are in fact quite a handful of books, articles and journals that can come in handy as far as tracing the history of clowns is concerned. Here is a brief overview of the history of clowns:

Ancient Egypt

About 5000 years ago, Egyptians used to keep African Pygmies in the royal place to entertain the Pharaoh and his royal family. The pygmies were back then referred to as Dangas. The interesting bit is however, how the Dangas used to dress. Their costumes were mainly made of leopard skin. Their faces would be painted in strange yet funny ways all in a bid to entertain the pharaoh. A close examination to masks that the Dangas used to wear reveals striking similarities between them and Bes – the Egyptian god of dance and battle.

Ancient China


Again, clowns here were a preserve for the royal family in China. But unlike the Egyptians, the Chinese did not import clowns. They had their own professional clowns. The clowns made a living from their art and paid taxes to the king just like other members of the society. They were attached to the Imperial Court, an official palace that is synonymous with the Zhou Dynasty.

A popular clown back then know as Yu Sze is on record as having been an exceptional entertainer to king Ch’in Shih Huang-ti, the king who initiated the construction of the Great Wall of China. Other kings after him too had their personal clowns some of which were rumored to be close friends to members of the Chinese royal family.

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece revolutionized the art of clowning. Unlike the aforementioned clowns, Greek clowns entertained not just the royal family but the public. Their attires and costumes were refined and resembled what modern clowns adorn today. They wore short tunics, known as ‘chiton.’ The tunics were grotesquely stuffed and padded at the rear and front. The clowns also wore colorful knitted socks like tights. A striking feature was an exaggerated artificial phallus that was strapped around the loins of the clown. It is rumored that the makers of the Medallion Man derived their inspiration from this attire.

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome too had clowns. They were popular and loved by the masses for their ability to joke, dance and pull rib cracking grimaces with their faces. Some of the most notable clowns from Ancient Rome include Sannio and Stupidus from whom the English word ‘stupid’ was derived. Sannio was loved by the masses for his ability to dance and pull rib craking grimaces with his face and body. Stupidus was also loved for his ability to mimic fools. Other popular clowns in ancient Rome include Scurra and Fatui.

Clowns Today

Today, clowns can make a living from their art. They entertain both children and adults alike. It is in fact recommended by psychologist to have clowns entertain children during birthday parties or any special events. Clowns in Calgary are known to bring about the ‘happy feeling’ which can go a long way to boost a child’s mood!

4 Healthy Food Ideas For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Young kids love birthday parties even before they can quite figure out what it is all about. That can be understood. After all, what’s not to love about big creamy cake, presents from familiar and unfamiliar faces, music and everything makes a birthday party memorable? That is just but a rough idea of what successful kids’ birthday parties in Calgary should feel like.

So take your time to dwell on decoration, planning and hosting if your little one is about to celebrate his or her big day. But while at it, do not forget about what will fill the stomachs of your kid’s little guess. A good birthday as are about to find out, is not just about the theme, the cakes, candies and presents. It is all about celebrating in a healthy way. So with that in mind, consider the following healthy food ideas when planning for your kid’s birthday.

Going healthy with snacks

Snacks can make a big difference in any birthday party. Most parents don’t know this, but snacks are great for anyone planning a birthday party on a budget. You can stick to just the cake, a few snacks and drinks. Consider baked chips from flat bread. They are easy to make. Readymade ones are also affordable. But that not the best thing about them. They are healthier than regular corn chips mainly because they do not contain artificial flavors, food colors and additives. Serve them with cheesy or hommus chips. Keep in mind that baked chips are also ideal for adults.

When it comes to snacks, there are fish finger rolls for kids and of course, for adults. For adults, serve with yoghurt and capers. But for children, omit the filling and serve with tomato sauce. Remember to take care of guests who many not be fish lovers and you can go for baked mini sausage rolls. Avoid deep fried ones as they are not healthy.


Sweet treats can be healthy too

It is impossible to impress a kid at any party without something sweet. For kids, a birthday party is not complete without sweet treats; from candy and chocolate bars to cream coated biscuits and caramel, sugar is just everything to kids. It makes them merry. It therefore makes sense to have healthy sweet treats and allow the kids to include as much as they want. They will after all, be easting something healthy. So instead of store bought double choc mud cakes, take time to prepare a nice desert.

Try flower fairy cakes! They are easy to make, compact and require no plates. What’s more, you know what goes into the cake. Coconut lamingtons can be a good alternative if for one reason or another you find it hard to prepare flower fairy cakes. Peach ice cream, fruit smoothies and nuts are also good alternatives. The trick is to moderate sugar and fat levels.

Healthy main dishes

This is where it gets interesting. You have to come up with a simple meal. Remember kids will always want to taste a little bit of everything. By the time you want to serve the main meal or cut the cake, they may be already full. That is why snacks, deserts and the aforementioned treats should always be served in moderation. Be sure to also include one or two fruits that can boost their appetites or make arrangements for fun activities and games that will make them little bit hungry by the time the main meal is on the table.

Try paprika chicken strips and serve with coconut rice. Be sure to add one or two drops of sweet chili sauce on the strips. Pizza with sausage served with wrappings can also impress kids. Everyone loves pizza after all. So make your own pizza but with your own version of healthy toppings and just the right amount of fat.

Why Are Airbrush Tattoos Gaining Popularity Today?

When you look around, you will notice that tattoos have become a fashion statement. In fact, many people are sporting two or even more tattoos. But some people don’t find heavily inked options their cup of tea. Some are even apprehensive about the permanence if they choose some options and that is why airbrush tattoos are their best bet. Below are the different reasons airbrush tattoos are gaining popularity:

Look like permanent options

When done well, airbrush tattoos look like the permanent ones. In fact, without a close examination, you won’t tell the difference. They are done so well that anyone who looks at you will appreciate. And everybody who wants to can now sport a tattoo.

They come in different designs


You will be spoiled for options when it comes to choosing a design that will complement a party. A good thing about the artists is that they will advise you on what will best suit the occasion. You can choose from the tribal design, flower design, superhero, dragon, magical creatures, animals or just anything that comes to your mind. Just make sure that whatever you choose is the best fit for the party.

Their simplicity

With airbrush tattoos, you don’t have to spend hours or lots of money to have it done. You can simply get this short term version. It only costs you a few bucks and won’t put a dent in your wallet. In fact, it is so affordable that everyone in the family can have it applied for a party. And if you are uncomfortable with the results, you can simply have it removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

It is a party pleaser

Why do people go to parties? To have fun, eat, socialize, drink and fun. Airbrush tattoo artists come in handy at a party as crowd pleasers. If you are a party goer, you will definitely be tempted to try them; they are simply an ice-breaker. The youngsters won’t wait to try out something new, the older people want to experiment how it feels like having a tattoo and the seniors will love the feeling of getting the tattoo as well. It is party time! And a party won’t be fun without an airbrush tattoo artist around; people of all ages; children, men and women want to have fun selecting colors, designs and sizes of the tattoo that they want to sport.

People love the way it is applied

The tattoo artist first cleans your skin where the airbrush tattoo is to be applied to remove oils and dirt from it. Then, the artist will place stencil. With the airbrush spray pen, he or she will fill in the area. The process will be repeated if more than one color is to be used. Alcohol swabs are used to clean any over spray. The final step is to dust the area so as to set the tattoo. As you can see, the process takes a few minutes to have everything done.

No ill effects

The substances used for airbrush tattooing are of hypoallergenic nature, meaning that you won’t suffer any ill effects from the tattoo being applied to your skin. And it is not painful; you can only expect a little tickle when airbrush tattooing is being applied. Another good thing about this kind of tattoo is that they are temporary. You can have them removed any time you want. Typically, they take seven days to clear from the surface of your skin, if that is your choice.

At Just Kidding Entertainment, we offer lots of entertainment services which include balloon works, clowning, airbrush tattooing and face painting in Calgary among others. If you are planning an event, don’t hesitate to contact us; we will make your party more fun!

Corporate Entertainment Alternatives That Can Make Your Event Memorable


When you are planning your corporate entertainment for an event, it is very possible that your focus is on making the event unforgettable for all the guests. But there is a fine line between being responsible for a great event and one that people will only remember when whispering your name as one of the worst that was ever planned.

How can you get your corporate event entertainment right to suit all tastes and make everyone believe it was just right for the occasion? Remember at all times that your objective is to be building stronger teams either internally or with external partners and everyone should get a positive experience from your corporate entertainment.

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Well you don’t have to guess, as the guest list will be provided well in advance if the event managers are well prepared. Now you have to settle down to profiling the event so that you know who will be there, where they are from and what ages and religions or persuasions they may be from. As an extreme example arranging a whisky tasting and presentation for a predominantly Muslim audience is hardly going to go down well at all.

So you need to know the following:

• Is this an internal company event or will suppliers and customers also be present

• What is the general format, when are people expected to arrive how long will the event go on for? And how much free time will there be between the different sections of the event?

• What is the entertainment budget available?

• Are there any particular entertainments that would be suitable or definitely off limits for the intended audience?

• The age and makeup of the audience; for example a sales persons orientated audience may be entertained by competitions such as a darts contest where they perform in public, whereas an audience made up of older administrative staff might prefer a program where the entertainment is laid on and they do not need to participate much apart from giving a round of applause from time to time.

• Remember that some corporate entertaining can last for just a few hours and other events can take place over a number of days so you need to plan accordingly.

Here’s a look at some of the corporate entertainment options you can go for:

Safe options you can go with

• A magician with card and illusionary tricks moving table by table.

• A cartoonist who sketches humorous caricatures of the person at the table.

• Gambling tables: the participant can gamble for plastic chips without any financial gain or loss.

• Quiz sessions: tables compete against each other to answer questions and win points, with either written answers submitted or vocal responses.

• Guess the value auctions: individuals “bid” for items shown on screen to try to bag the best bargain and win the best buyer prize for their table.

More challenging options

• The darts competition: each table chooses some darts players and they aim to score points than other tables with an eventual champion table.

• Hypnotism of one or more of the audience: this has a great audience wow factor but could make some participants uncomfortable.

• Did you know? Some fact about an individual attending in which the agreeing participant gives a little known piece of information “He or she plays the Violin for the local orchestra” and the audience has to choose from a given short list.

Make sure that you get signed off on your plan

As this is a corporate event, it is strongly advised that you don’t just get the Ok from the event administrator but from as high up in the organization as possible. Any problems that occur because your entertainment was inappropriate in the eyes of senior management, either for internal event or one involving outside participants, will ultimately lead to you getting the blame so plan, present and prepare meticulously!

Top Factors To Consider When Hiring A Clown For Birthday Parties

Birthday parties can be a really memorable affair if you plan them well. The ones who enjoy the birthday parties most are your little kids. Making it special for them in every way makes you easily happy and contented. But sometimes it is difficult to entertain a bunch of kids all by your own, especially when they have turned too active and want to play and run helter skelter everywhere around you, right under your nose!

So what is a solution then? Well, a blend of various games, magic, songs, juggling and balloon sculpting are some of the things that children find quite fascinating. Hiring a clown for your little ones’ birthday party can make their day because those activities mentioned earlier can materialize when you hire a clown in Calgary for the party.

Use a birthday party clown to spice up the event for kids


Clowns are professional entertainers who are well trained to perform fun activities for children while you chill and enjoy the party with your guests. He or she will also act as a funny and lovable character to play with all the kids. When it comes to kids, clowns are fascinating. A clown keeps the little audience involved through his crazy and funny acts and will try his best to keep a smile on each and every ones face. Clowns also tend to keep their audiences engrossed with their hilarious mix of humorous acts, magic shows, puppet shows and balloons; arrange games, contests and face painting activities.

You can let the clown know which of the activities you would like for your special event. You can also let them use their experience to come up with a ‘magic potion’ that is best for entertaining your little guests and make them remember the event for many years to come. They can easily hold attention of all children at your party and everyone can enjoy a good laugh, even including the adults.

Tips for hiring a clown for the birthday party

Hiring clowns can be a bit tricky. A clown may appear funny all the times but it is important to know that not all clowns are equal and the activities that he or she can perform might differ clown to clown. Here is a quick rundown of useful tips that you should consider:

• Before signing a contract, make sure you provide the clown with all the details of the party including date, time, venue and his needed services

• Make sure there is not any miscommunication building up between you both regarding the fees, extra charges, deposits, or cancellation fees before you book the clown

• Enquire beforehand if the birthday clown is going to get his own materials or props for entertaining or you need to provide him, such as face paints, balloons and etc.

• Check whether the clown uses non-toxic paints for face painting if he is preparing the face painting supplies

• Try to follow up with the clown a few days before the party as a reminder for the event

• To be on the safer side, you can always check out references and recommendations from your friends and family members who have hired a clown over at their parties before

Clowns that are comical and can perform magic tricks with simple ropes, rings, and vanishing objects are sure to amaze the little twinkling eyes. This easily makes the party a big hit with the little ones. Today, there are a handful of companies that provide clown hire services which you can consider for your upcoming child’s birthday party so do your research well before hiring one!

Top 7 Airbrush Tattoo Designs For Kiddie Parties

Airbrush tattooing is one of the fun features that your next party can have. It would go along well with other typical party activities such as photo booths and face painting. Airbrush tattooing is a hit especially with kid birthday parties. Here are some of the most popular airbrush tattoo designs among kids.



The flower is definitely one of the most popular tattoo designs. Flowers are not just good-looking but they simply symbolize so many things and that is why so many people love having them as tattoo designs. Roses are without a doubt the most popular flowers especially since they symbolize love. Other simple-looking flowers like tulips, daisies, and sunflowers are also flowers that would work great as airbrush tattoos.


Tattoo designs do not have to be complicated. That is why simple shapes can also be a hit among kids. The heart shape is an excellent tattoo design. It is simple and so many kids can recognize it. The heart shape symbolizes love and kids can definitely relate to that. Another popular shape is the star. Stars symbolize achievement or even popularity. Stars go beyond the five point design and artists can freely use their imagination to make their star designs very attractive for kids.


Butterfly designs are also great tattoo designs. These designs are usually very colourful and kids really love to see a lot of color. It takes a lot of creativity and innovation from the tattoo designer to make amazing and attractive butterfly tattoos. They might want to consider adding creative touches such as glittery antennas and even star patterns for the wings.


Dragoon designs have always been popular in the world of tattooing. Dragons can be presented in very creative designs and can feature a variety of colors. In fact, so many tattoo artists love to design dragon images. Dragons can work with kids – especially the tough, adventure-loving boys. Some girls find dragon designs attractive too. Dragons also symbolize wisdom as well as longevity.


Superhero logos are also popular tattoos for children. Some of the simplest popular logos are that of Superman and Batman. And with the numerous shows and movies about these superheroes being released recently, kids would surely find these logos as perfect airbrush tattoos. Of course, designs do not have to be limited to logos alone. In fact, simple superhero faces like Spiderman, Iron Man, and Wolverine can also be designed easily for airbrush tattooing.


Tribal tattoos have always been popular and kids love them as well. Tribal style of tattooing has originated from ancient cultural groups like the Celts and the Maori. Their cultures has given ideas for be very complex but beautiful artistic designs. What makes tribal tattoo designs excellent for airbrush is that they usually require a single color only. Thus, stencils will not be that hard to make. Tribal tattoos are usually printed on arms and hands.


Most kids share an interest in animals and that is why animal designs can also be perfect for airbrush tattooing. Kids love common pets such as dogs and cats. They also tend to love other animals that they can consider very cute. These include pandas, dolphins, and fluffy bunnies. Kids also love the traditional animals that they see in zoos and farms.

Magical creatures

What about magical creatures? Kids love those things as well. Probably the most popular creature would be the unicorn. A lot of kids these days, especially small kids, consider the unicorn as their favourite animal. Other magical creatures that can be inspirations for tattoo designs include gryphons, phoenixes, and fairies.

These are just some airbrush tattoo designs that you might want to consider for a birthday party for kids. If you need help organizing a fun and memorable birthday party for your kid, contact Just Kidding Entertainment today!

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