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Top 7 Airbrush Tattoo Designs For Kiddie Parties

Airbrush tattooing is one of the fun features that your next party can have. It would go along well with other typical party activities such as photo booths and face painting. Airbrush tattooing is a hit especially with kid birthday parties. Here are some of the most popular airbrush tattoo designs among kids.



The flower is definitely one of the most popular tattoo designs. Flowers are not just good-looking but they simply symbolize so many things and that is why so many people love having them as tattoo designs. Roses are without a doubt the most popular flowers especially since they symbolize love. Other simple-looking flowers like tulips, daisies, and sunflowers are also flowers that would work great as airbrush tattoos.


Tattoo designs do not have to be complicated. That is why simple shapes can also be a hit among kids. The heart shape is an excellent tattoo design. It is simple and so many kids can recognize it. The heart shape symbolizes love and kids can definitely relate to that. Another popular shape is the star. Stars symbolize achievement or even popularity. Stars go beyond the five point design and artists can freely use their imagination to make their star designs very attractive for kids.


Butterfly designs are also great tattoo designs. These designs are usually very colourful and kids really love to see a lot of color. It takes a lot of creativity and innovation from the tattoo designer to make amazing and attractive butterfly tattoos. They might want to consider adding creative touches such as glittery antennas and even star patterns for the wings.


Dragoon designs have always been popular in the world of tattooing. Dragons can be presented in very creative designs and can feature a variety of colors. In fact, so many tattoo artists love to design dragon images. Dragons can work with kids – especially the tough, adventure-loving boys. Some girls find dragon designs attractive too. Dragons also symbolize wisdom as well as longevity.


Superhero logos are also popular tattoos for children. Some of the simplest popular logos are that of Superman and Batman. And with the numerous shows and movies about these superheroes being released recently, kids would surely find these logos as perfect airbrush tattoos. Of course, designs do not have to be limited to logos alone. In fact, simple superhero faces like Spiderman, Iron Man, and Wolverine can also be designed easily for airbrush tattooing.


Tribal tattoos have always been popular and kids love them as well. Tribal style of tattooing has originated from ancient cultural groups like the Celts and the Maori. Their cultures has given ideas for be very complex but beautiful artistic designs. What makes tribal tattoo designs excellent for airbrush is that they usually require a single color only. Thus, stencils will not be that hard to make. Tribal tattoos are usually printed on arms and hands.


Most kids share an interest in animals and that is why animal designs can also be perfect for airbrush tattooing. Kids love common pets such as dogs and cats. They also tend to love other animals that they can consider very cute. These include pandas, dolphins, and fluffy bunnies. Kids also love the traditional animals that they see in zoos and farms.

Magical creatures

What about magical creatures? Kids love those things as well. Probably the most popular creature would be the unicorn. A lot of kids these days, especially small kids, consider the unicorn as their favourite animal. Other magical creatures that can be inspirations for tattoo designs include gryphons, phoenixes, and fairies.

These are just some airbrush tattoo designs that you might want to consider for a birthday party for kids. If you need help organizing a fun and memorable birthday party for your kid, contact Just Kidding Entertainment today!

6 Party Ideas For Your 21st Birthday Bash


Your 21st birthday is a turning point in your life. This is the day that everyone commonly use to mark the entry into adulthood. For most of us, we could have the ability to decide things on our own from this day onwards legally. And I am sure for some of you, being able to drink legally must be an exciting time you have been waiting for! With all these reasons to celebrate, it is a good idea to have a grand party and celebrate the occasion with your friends. The following are some of the 21st birthday party ideas you may try out:

• Have a party at home

Arranging a party at home seems to be the most no-fuss, most appropriate solution. There will be no time limit and your friends can enjoy your birthday party to the fullest. However, it is better that you inform your neighbors about it beforehand. The main reason for this is that there will be a lot of noise emanating from the party and they might get disturbed. You can also inform them about the party lasting till late at night.

• Go to a pub with your friends and celebrate

A pub crawl is one of the best ways to have your 21st birthday party commemorated. A night out could be fun for your friends as good food and drinks will be easily available. If you manage to organize it well, your friends will remember it for many years to come. Giving the party a personalized touch will enhance the fun. It is always good to create a nice invitation informing all your friends that it is the 21st birthday of yours that you are planning to celebrate.

• Camping

Invite your friends to take part in a camping trip with you in order to celebrate your 21st birthday. Arranging a BBQ party will surely make your birthday a wild one! Some beer and good grilled food can easily add fun to the event. In case there is a beach close-by, your friends can have a dip in the water as well.

• Hold a karaoke party

You can hire the necessary equipment such as the audio and the visual equipment and have it at home. There is also a possibility of hiring a karaoke booth in town for the occasion. A karaoke party is a good way to celebrate your 21st birthday if you love singing and all your friends will be able to have the chance to show off their singing skills too.

• Organize a masquerade bash

The first thing you need to do in this case is to make an invitation at least 3 weeks before your birthday. The next step is to find a good venue. If you have a small budget, it is always better to choose a low cost venue. Decorating the venue is also very important. A dark background is the best option for these parties that have been popular in the 19th century. Get each and every guest to wear a mask. You might have to arrange for catering but if you are ready for others to chip in, then try a potluck.

• Have a pirate themed party

For your 21st birthday party, there are many themes you can choose. However, a pirate theme is a good option because you can arrange it without much hassle. Because pirates love drinking! Rum is a good idea as it is associated with pirates in many stories. Decorations will include flags, cross bones and sculls arranged in style.

These are just only six birthday party ideas for your 21st birthday but we are sure you can come up with even better ideas if you are creative enough so let your imagination get to work!

8 Tips To Capture The Best Moments Of Your Child’s Birthday Party

A birthday party is one event that no one can resist to take photos of their kids as they enjoy their big day. Nonetheless, it is not as easy to take photos because of the high levels of frenzy and excitement in the birthday scene; with children shouting whilst bursting balloons as they run around, people’s faces all over, lit candles that interfere with lighting, and other many obstacles that can hinder you from acquiring the best photos. Luckily, here are tips and tricks that will help you evade such obstacles and instead capture the best birthday memories.

Shoot the birthday party prep


This should definitely be done before the guests start arriving. Look for inspirational ideas on how to decorate the party scene from the internet and magazines. Once you have completed the set up, you can start capturing the décor details such as the balloons and presents before they are opened.

Get your child’s perspective

Get as low as your child’s height as you take the photos. Simply looking high down at the birthday scene does not work for most birthday photographers. Crouch, sit or squat up to your child’s height to capture things from their perspective. This adds more realism to the photos. Blend in a mix of shooting angles and focal lengths to inject life to the party shots.

Know the game plan

To be able to capture the best moments of your child’s party, you should know or have a game plan. You should have a clear picture of how the event will be coordinated. If you do not k now the game plan, simply use observation powers and keep a keen eye on candid opportunities. You should be ready for all the events taking place.

Shoot candidly

Most definitely, you are bound to capture photos that are candid in nature (photos that capture how your kids interact with members of the family, friends, and clowns). Candid photos of children running around, eating, watching clown trick or even cutting cakes, etc, since such make the photos real and interesting.

Be discreet or offer a distraction

Kids are very much aware that you are walking with a camera around and will at times shy away from the camera and run away. In order to capture your child’s personality, its best to practice discretion as you use your camera. Capture them when they are not looking your direction. Alternatively, you can have them use photo props to help them forget about the camera. You can also create a photo booth where the kids can stand as you take the photos.

Planned shots

Planned shots are must have birthday shoots. Talk to adults who want to be photographed. You can then take cake cutting shots, group shots, and candle blowing shots, party games, as well as present ripping shots.

Use bounce flash and a diffuser

This applies when the party is happening in the interiors of your home. Extra lighting from a fixture is handy. However, the need for this can be eliminated by buffing up your ISO setting just a little. You should always remember that a tiny pop up flash, which mounted on top of your digital camera, works best at about a three-meter range.

Have a camera strap

It will be wise to invest in a camera strap to avoid losing or even breaking your camera. Without one, it will be very easy for kids to take the camera whenever you place it somewhere, and can cause great damage by dropping it. Having a camera strap is a sure way of helping you to have peace of mind and be freer to enjoy and capture all the interesting moments of the party.

5 Ideas For Entertainment Options For A Corporate Dinner Party

Hosting a corporate dinner party is a perfect way to get new clients, know your business partners and employees. The ability to throw a great dinner party therefore is a good skill to have. To guarantee the event’s success, the organizers must include unique entertainment ideas, foods, drinks and engaging conversation. The entertainment options settled for need to be both fun and appealing to everyone in attendance. Here are some entertainment options for a corporate dinner party that can be opted for.

“Special” waiters

Have a number of “special” waiters at your event. They should dress and work like normal waiters, however, they have special abilities, like being able to randomly break out into a song and dance as the night progresses. They should also be able to perform different entertainment tricks, for example pouring drinks with flare!

Casino games


Have the organizers set up some casino games at your business dinner party event. Because gambling might not be legal where the event is being held, give the attendees some kind of chips so they can “gamble” with them before and after the dinner. Put together blackjack, craps, roulette and poker tables so that all attendees can fit at the tables and play their favorite games. At the end of the dinner party, have a number of prizes for the big winners. The games can be played before and after dinner.


Organize to have a band or one or more musicians come and perform at your dinner party. Live bands are a perfect choice because they play a wider variety of songs and often take special requests. If possible, choose a live band that can be able to impersonate another band, for instance, a hair band from the 1980s.This creates a lot of fun and lively atmosphere, particularly as the band will be wearing the costumes from hair bands of the time. After dinner, the band or musicians should come on stage so that everyone can go to the floor to dance, watch or sing along. This gives everyone a chance to relax and let loose.

Ballet companies or professional ballroom dancers are more suitable for formal business dinner parties, especially where corporate shareholders and business associates are being hosted.

Video games

Video games are a great way to let people have fun and play favorite games together. The best way to go about it is to set up Wii game systems so that everyone can play against each other. Since these require the use of joysticks, it really gets people into video gaming spirit. If this can’t work, then put together some TVs and allow people to play against each other. Some video games allow a number of people to play at once, making them perfect for your event. These games should be played after the dinner since there is enough time to play following the meal.

Circus performers

Hire some circus performers such as clowns, contortionists and jugglers to perform after the dinner party. They are very appropriate for small and large corporate dinner functions. Not only this, the performers are quite popular with people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. If the dinner party is being held in a large auditorium, then you may even include animal acts.

Choose your entertainment options wisely

Overall, the above listed entertainment ideas for corporate dinner parties are not all inclusive, but are some of the best and most popular among the organizers. It should be noted that dinner entertainment options for corporate events are a bit different from what might be considered for other special occasions as there is a certain level of propriety expectations at these events. For this reason, it is important to carefully consider the audience as people from different ethnicities or cultures might find some kinds of entertainment offensive or inappropriate.

How to Make Your Next Kids’ Party Memorable Long After It’s Finished

At a certain age, children will go to a lot of different parties and this will make it difficult for your party to stand out. Of course, the objective here is not to compete with the other parents, but you nevertheless probably do want your child to feel as though their party was special and you want those in attendance to remember it as a great day. But when they’re going to so many similarly organised parties… how do you make yours stand out? There are a few ways, so let’s take a look at some of the best strategies.

Use a Theme – And Take it to Extremes

One of the best children’s party ideas I ever heard of was a friend’s whose Mum themed the day around the then-popular ‘Crystal Maze’. In case you’ve never seen the show, this was a program that involved a team going into the titular maze where they would have to complete a gauntlet of different challenges. Some of these would be physical challenges (like balancing along thin beams), while others would be mental puzzles which would involve things like fitting keys into the correctly shaped holes.

At this party, the Mum had designed each room of their house to be a different ‘challenge’ and had cleverly used everything at her disposal to mimic some of the challenges from the show. Essentially this was really just a party filled with different games, but by structuring it in the same way as Crystal Maze, and by sticking closely to the theme, it was transcended above this and turned into something truly memorable.

Have Something That Will Last


Another way to make a party memorable is to include elements that will actually last. This is one of the reasons that face painting is so popular for example: because the face paint will last for a while after the party has ended allowing the children to recall the party every time someone comments. Airbrush tattoos will last even longer, while you can also try giving out exciting gift bags that contain things the children are actually likely to want to use a while after the party has ended.

Think Outside the Box

Of course just doing something different enough to stand out is another way to make a party memorable. This will often mean not staying at your home, but instead actually travelling somewhere else to perhaps go gokarting or top roping, or to visit some kind of show or event that coincides with the party. Look in the local paper to see what’s on and pick something that will be genuinely memorable.

Use Professionals

Another option is to hire professional entertainers who can further add to the day. While magicians might not be the most original, they can genuinely amaze and if the tricks they do are good enough then this could be something that the children speak about for years to come. The same goes for professional dancers, clowns and any other entertainers. This is their job, and as such they will be sure to provide a professional quality of entertainment that you just wouldn’t be able to accomplish on your own. At the same time there’s no reason that you can’t be more creative in your choice of professionals too – why not have a professional mime or even a rock band? It might not be what you normally associate with a children’s party, but that’s the whole point: they’ll be experiencing something for the first time and that’s the kind of thing you don’t quickly forget!

These are just some of the ways you can make your child’s party memorable and special. There are many more, so think outside the box!

5 Party Activities to Keep the Young Ones Occupied and Happy

It is no surprise that the most popular party activities are the simple ones that have stood the test of time, but just because a party activity has its roots in the past does not mean it has to be dated. With a little tweaking any game can seem up to date or a bit different. Here are 5 kid’s party activities that will always be popular for children.

Pass the Parcel

How can this activity fail? It has music, prizes, and paper ripping. This is an easy one to appear modern, you simply need to buy themed wrapping paper with the latest toy or movie on it, and play some music that the kids will recognize (and perhaps sing along with). The anticipation of opening the final layer has always been a winner, but I like to put mini prizes in every few layers to make more kids happy.

Musical Chairs


This is a game that even the adults love to play, and one that gets the children genuinely excited. You will have no need to spice it up as even the mention of the game will have the kids whooping with delight. Keep the music upbeat to enhance the excitement, and include a few adults for the children to beat and feel extra special.

Blind Man’s Bluff

We all know that kids love to chase each other, and this game gives them the perfect opportunity. Start the game with one child with a blindfold on in the center, and the others in a circle around him. On a command, the child in the center has to tag one of the other kids who then becomes the blind man. You can vary this game by adding the tagged children as another blind man until all bar one is caught. This game will need supervision, but is guaranteed to be enjoyed by all.

Ping Pong Toss

This game is traditionally played with an open bucket or container, and is one that has the kids concentrating like professional darts players. To keep the game more attractive to the children you can have cartoon characters with their mouths cut out as targets Some variations would be to use small bean bags instead of ping pong balls (easier to throw), or have a stand up target with holes cut out at the mouth, hands, and feet.

Balloon Popping

This is another guaranteed winner with kids of all ages. You simply need some themed balloons (the last ones I used were Lego balloons), with a piece of paper with a present on it placed inside. The balloons are then blown up ready to be burst by the children. On the appropriate signal the kids grab a balloon and try to burst it by sitting on it. The first to burst the balloon gets the big prize, and the others get the prize on their piece of paper.

These ideas are great filler for any party, but to really make the party go with a bang you can use a party specialist. A specialist firm will have clowns, face painters, balloon artists, and perhaps even a magician to keep your kids entertained for hours.

4 Things that Make a Kid’s Birthday Party Fun

A kid’s birthday party is supposed to be full of fun and excitement. However, most parents fail to deliver on this and the party turns out to be dull. A cake and a few games aren’t enough to make your child happy on his birthday. There are a few more elements that are needed for it to be called a party. Fortunately for you we’re here to help you add those elements. Here are 4 things that make a kid’s birthday party fun and interesting:



If there’s no clown there’s no birthday party. Clowns are as synonymous to birthday parties as birthday cakes. They provide the entertainment and laughs that a kid’s party needs. Some clowns even perform magic tricks that children find fascinating. If you want your child to be smiling throughout his birthday, then you need to hire a clown. If you’re under a budget you should hire a clown fresh out of clown college. And by that I mean a novice who’s still trying to sharpen his skills. You’ll help him get a gig and in return you might get a discount.

Balloon Animals

Clowns are usually skilled at making balloon animals. However, if you’re not hiring them then you need to at least learn how to make balloon animals yourself. If you do that you won’t have to worry about future birthday parties. Making balloon animals might be tough, but it’s not impossible and certainly not something you can’t learn. Do a quick search on YouTube and you’ll find loads of tutorials that you can follow. Video tutorials are the best when you need to learn something new and complicated like making balloon animals. After all it’s your kid’s birthday you’ll have to put in some effort into the party.

Face Painting

This is something you see at carnivals, but it’s also a welcome sight at a kid’s birthday party. Face painting as an activity attracts a lot of children and adults too. It’s fun and exciting, just what you need for your party. When you hire somebody for face painting you need to make sure that they use safe colors. It’ll dampen the party mood if the color doesn’t come off or it causes an allergic reaction. If that happens you’ll be the one held accountable, so for your own sake hire a professional.

Bouncy Castles

Kids have a lot of energy in them. And when a whole bunch of them get together at a party you can imagine what’ll happen. If you don’t have the time to keep an eye on the kids, then make sure you hire a bouncy castle for their entertainment. They’ll spend their time bouncing up and down while you attend to other matters. Just make sure the kids don’t bounce after having their meal or it’ll come right out of them.

If you include the things mentioned here in your kid’s birthday party, then I’m sure he’ll have a good time. And so will the kids who attend the party.

How A Clown Can Make Your Kid’s Party More Fun


If your kid’s birthday is coming up soon then make sure that you don’t waste any moment and do your best to prepare everything on time. There are just so many things to do: sending invitations, choosing the party location, making arrangements for birthday cakes, etc. In addition, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to also hire a clown for your kid’s birthday party. Kids absolutely love such guys and you might be happy to know that a clown can make sure that everyone will have a great time, including the parents. Here is how a clown can make your kid’s party more entertaining.

Clowns can wear a variety of costumes

If your kid loves certain Disney characters or other persons from cartoons and movies then you can make arrangements so that the clown dresses up accordingly. The costumes are very important when it comes to kids parties and your child will be deeply impressed and happy.

Clowns can offer shows and engage kids in interesting activities

There are so many ways you can entertain a kid these days and clowns know this very well. If you hire a clown for your kid’s birthday party, he will present various interesting and funny shows, he will play games with kids, tell jokes or even show magic tricks. The entire show of a clown is specially designed to make kids burst into laughs and also entertain parents at the same time.

Clowns can do face painting for your kids too

Kids also love to paint, draw and play with various colors and shapes. In this case, a clown can offer you face-painting services. Using special types of paints which are very safe and which comply with the latest health regulations, clowns can draw pretty much anything on your kid’s face, hands or any other body part. For example, your daughter might want to have cute, little moustache on her face, just like a cat. Similarly, your son might want to look like Joker from the Batman movies. Everything is possible and the clowns will make sure that the wishes of each and every single kid will be satisfied when it comes to face-painting.

Use clowns for any of your parties or special events

You might be happy to know that clowns are not just exclusive for your kid’s birthday party only. They can be hired for a plethora of similar events. For example, clowns can ensure an entertaining and joyful atmosphere on Christmas, Children’s Day, special events, opening of shops and malls, various kids parties, weddings and so on. Basically, whenever you want to smile and entertain your kid, make sure that you hire a clown and everything will be great! Additionally, clowns bring along with them decorative balloons, birthday cakes, confetti, photo albums and many more other services.

If you would like to organize the best birthday party for your kid, then make sure that you contact our company today. We have a lot of experience when it comes to entertaining kids and our clowns are polite, friendly, funny and punctual!

5 Out-of-the-Box Games to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Party an Instant Success

If you want your child’s birthday to be a rocking success, traditional games such as passing the parcel or pin the tail on a donkey just won’t do. You need to think out of the box and come up with ideas that instantly hook your tiny guests. Here we have picked 5 such ideas that are guaranteed to make your kid’s birthday party an instant success.

Chocolate Making Party

What is that one thing that never fails with kids? You guessed it right – chocolates and lots of them! So, who wouldn’t want to be in a birthday bash, where you get to make your own fancy chocolate treats? Pile a table high with funky accessories – animal-shaped moulds, chocolate fountain, popsicles, bowls, brushes, silver candy decors and more. Don’t stop them; let the kids take a full go at it. They will eat it, spill it, smear themselves, but you will be surprised at the kind of creativity that comes out of them. Sometimes, being creative can mean being messy, but its good.

Balloon Bust

Perhaps the simplest game out there, but it guarantees a good laugh. Get your hands on as many tiny adorable gifts as you can. Blow up balloons with tiny prizes placed inside. Fill a huge basket with balloons and on the count of three, ask each kid to pick up a balloon. The kids have to sit on the balloons to pop it. No hands or legs, just the bottom! One who completes the task first will get a prize. Watching kids scramble around with their balloons is a pure joy to watch. As an alteration to this game, you can also try balloon sandwich. A balloon caught between two kids. Imagine the crazy fun!

Water Piñatas


What a fun way to cool off on a scorching summer day? This game is sure to get the kids up and running. Just tie up a bunch of water balloons together and let the little ones take a swing at it. Can anything match the fun of whacking away at the wriggly jiggly pod? Probably not! Watch your kids squeal with laughter every time they get their mark right and get splashed with water. Be careful though, you don’t want them to hurt themselves; rubber bats are a good choice here.

Button, Button – Who’s got The Button?

Simple game but fun nevertheless. Ask the kids to form a circle around the birthday boy or girl. Place the button in any one kid’s hand and have them pass it around back and forth in quick motion. Now, the centre player has to guess who has the button, if he/she guesses it right, they win the grand prize.

Smell It, Hear It

Fill a tiny jar with content; it can be anything – tiny clips, pennies, and candies and don’t forget to add vanilla or cinnamon essence to trick them into thinking that it’s a treat. Cover the jar with paper, and ask the kids to sit around in a circle. Blindfold them and pass around the jar. They can sniff around all they want, jiggle the jar to their heart’s content. One who gets the maximum guesses right will be the winner.

Go ahead and be a kid with your kids. That’s when the fun quotient of the day truly goes up and your child will simply love you for it.

5 Classic Don’ts to Avoid While Organizing Your Child’s Birthday Party


As parents, we want to make sure that our kids have the best birthday party. However, no matter how much we take care of things, mistakes are bound to happen. Likewise, an event like a kid’s birthday party has the potential to go wrong, even though you have planned it thoroughly. We are only human and we can’t foresee every probable situation. Here are a few factors that can ruin your properly planned kid’s birthday.

Sending Out Invites Late

Even though some of us work the hardest under pressure, it is better to plan things out well ahead of the actual day. This will also leave a lot of room for any last minute changes. However, if invites have been sent out at the last moment, it might lead to some of the parents not being available or the kid not being able to attend. Moreover, you know how important it is to have the kid’s parents around to take care of them because there is no way you will be able to take care of everything, plus kids.

Not Reminding Parents to RSVP

If you are someone who has organized parties, small or big, you know how important RSVPs are. It is especially important for a kid’s birthday party because you want to know how many children are going to be under one roof, at the same time. Knowing how many people are coming means you can also properly organize how many gift bags you will need, food, space, etc. You can either email the parents or give them a call. If you want to reduce chaos on the day, you need to remind the parents to RSVP.

Not Enquiring About Allergies

After planning for weeks and when the day finally arrives, you might find that a kid gets an allergy attack from the food. This can grievously hamper the celebration and if the matter gets out of hand, a trip to the hospital might also be needed. Therefore, make sure that when you send out the invitations, the parents informs about any case of allergy. This has the potential to decrease the chances of such surprises dramatically.

No Bouncing After Food

If you are thinking of hiring one of those inflatable castles, make sure that the kids stay away from it after their meal. Why, you ask? Because chances are high that kids might throw up after having had too much to eat. Moreover, if the other kids don’t see it and kept on playing in the bouncy castle, imagine the mess and the stink.

No Discretion

The most difficult part about planning a kid’s birthday party is whether to invite the entire class or a selected few because you do not want to offend anyone. If it’s within your budget to invite everyone, then it’s fine. However, if you cannot afford to invite the entire class, make sure that you tell your child to be discreet. As difficult as it might be for a child to keep things about their party to themselves, it is very important that they understand the situation. However, if you are planning to invite nearly everyone in the class, it’s better to invite everyone.

Just because your kid is still a child, doesn’t mean planning their birthday parties is going to be easier. Therefore, make sure that you have plenty of patience and it will be all worth it in the end.

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