Top Factors To Consider When Hiring A Clown For Birthday Parties

Birthday parties can be a really memorable affair if you plan them well. The ones who enjoy the birthday parties most are your little kids. Making it special for them in every way makes you easily happy and contented. But sometimes it is difficult to entertain a bunch of kids all by your own, especially when they have turned too active and want to play and run helter skelter everywhere around you, right under your nose!

So what is a solution then? Well, a blend of various games, magic, songs, juggling and balloon sculpting are some of the things that children find quite fascinating. Hiring a clown for your little ones’ birthday party can make their day because those activities mentioned earlier can materialize when you hire a clown in Calgary for the party.

Use a birthday party clown to spice up the event for kids


Clowns are professional entertainers who are well trained to perform fun activities for children while you chill and enjoy the party with your guests. He or she will also act as a funny and lovable character to play with all the kids. When it comes to kids, clowns are fascinating. A clown keeps the little audience involved through his crazy and funny acts and will try his best to keep a smile on each and every ones face. Clowns also tend to keep their audiences engrossed with their hilarious mix of humorous acts, magic shows, puppet shows and balloons; arrange games, contests and face painting activities.

You can let the clown know which of the activities you would like for your special event. You can also let them use their experience to come up with a ‘magic potion’ that is best for entertaining your little guests and make them remember the event for many years to come. They can easily hold attention of all children at your party and everyone can enjoy a good laugh, even including the adults.

Tips for hiring a clown for the birthday party

Hiring clowns can be a bit tricky. A clown may appear funny all the times but it is important to know that not all clowns are equal and the activities that he or she can perform might differ clown to clown. Here is a quick rundown of useful tips that you should consider:

• Before signing a contract, make sure you provide the clown with all the details of the party including date, time, venue and his needed services

• Make sure there is not any miscommunication building up between you both regarding the fees, extra charges, deposits, or cancellation fees before you book the clown

• Enquire beforehand if the birthday clown is going to get his own materials or props for entertaining or you need to provide him, such as face paints, balloons and etc.

• Check whether the clown uses non-toxic paints for face painting if he is preparing the face painting supplies

• Try to follow up with the clown a few days before the party as a reminder for the event

• To be on the safer side, you can always check out references and recommendations from your friends and family members who have hired a clown over at their parties before

Clowns that are comical and can perform magic tricks with simple ropes, rings, and vanishing objects are sure to amaze the little twinkling eyes. This easily makes the party a big hit with the little ones. Today, there are a handful of companies that provide clown hire services which you can consider for your upcoming child’s birthday party so do your research well before hiring one!

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