Want To Throw A Reasonably Affordable Birthday Party For Your Kid?

The birthday party of your kid may have found you at a bad financial edge and yet you want to make it memorable for your kid. Birthday parties, especially for the kids have nowadays become too expensive since the kids’ expectations have become too expensive. Regardless, the parents are trying to meet these demands even when they can barely afford them. However, there are ways of having a reasonably cheap party that is still enjoyable and make your kiddo a happy birthday boy or girl.

1. Set a budget

A budget is a very crucial aspect in any financial activity, regardless of how small it could be. Budgeting will help you allocate your finances well not leaving out any detail as well as making sure that every item has been allocated a reasonable amount. In short, budgeting helps you in financial decision making. In this case, since it is your kid’s birthday party, you could consider involving them by asking what they would want in their party. This will help you in knowing the items to budget for and how much to allocate to each item.

2. Set reasonable expectations


To avoid having unreasonable expectations, involve your kid since the party is theirs. This will give you at least some rough ideas of what the kid’s expectations are. Therefore, you will know how to go about meeting these expectations in a simple and cheap way. Having unreasonable expectations such as buying for your kid lots of biscuits yet they wanted a cake may cost you. This is because you will have to buy that cake anyway, while the biscuits will be a loss!

Another way to ensure that your expectations are on track is for you to visit blogs for kids’ birthday parties to have a rough idea of what is usually expected of a birthday party more so by your kids. It will save you unrealistic decisions that are costly.

3. Compare the venue costs

In most cases, the venue is usually the most expensive of all, especially if you have to book a venue outdoors like a place of entertainment. However, you don’t have to go for the most expensive venue. There are other cheap but good places to hold a birthday party for your kid such as, your local park, community center, a friend’s place, as well as your home! You can decorate your chosen venue to meet the expectations of your kid and still save on your tight budget.

4. Make it short and fun

As a way of making sure that you hold a cheap birthday party for your kid, avoid having a very long party. Do not allow the guests to sleep over remember those who will spend the night will wake up at your house and they will require breakfast. Therefore, to avoid incurring the extra costs, make the party short but memorable for your kid.

5. Keep the guest list small

Do not invite so many guests just to make your kid happy when you cannot afford them. Keep the guest list small but special to your kid. It may not be as easy, especially if your kid’s birthday is during school time. It may not also be easy for you to determine the guests that your kid may prefer to attend his special day. You will, therefore, have to depend on your kid’s input so that you can invite the most favorite from his list of friends. As a result, your kid will enjoy and you will not have to incur so much cost.

If you want more ideas on how to throw affordable kids birthday parties in Calgary, simply contact us today!

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