How to Make Your Next Kids’ Party Memorable Long After It’s Finished

At a certain age, children will go to a lot of different parties and this will make it difficult for your party to stand out. Of course, the objective here is not to compete with the other parents, but you nevertheless probably do want your child to feel as though their party was special and you want those in attendance to remember it as a great day. But when they’re going to so many similarly organised parties… how do you make yours stand out? There are a few ways, so let’s take a look at some of the best strategies.

Use a Theme – And Take it to Extremes

One of the best children’s party ideas I ever heard of was a friend’s whose Mum themed the day around the then-popular ‘Crystal Maze’. In case you’ve never seen the show, this was a program that involved a team going into the titular maze where they would have to complete a gauntlet of different challenges. Some of these would be physical challenges (like balancing along thin beams), while others would be mental puzzles which would involve things like fitting keys into the correctly shaped holes.

At this party, the Mum had designed each room of their house to be a different ‘challenge’ and had cleverly used everything at her disposal to mimic some of the challenges from the show. Essentially this was really just a party filled with different games, but by structuring it in the same way as Crystal Maze, and by sticking closely to the theme, it was transcended above this and turned into something truly memorable.

Have Something That Will Last


Another way to make a party memorable is to include elements that will actually last. This is one of the reasons that face painting is so popular for example: because the face paint will last for a while after the party has ended allowing the children to recall the party every time someone comments. Airbrush tattoos will last even longer, while you can also try giving out exciting gift bags that contain things the children are actually likely to want to use a while after the party has ended.

Think Outside the Box

Of course just doing something different enough to stand out is another way to make a party memorable. This will often mean not staying at your home, but instead actually travelling somewhere else to perhaps go gokarting or top roping, or to visit some kind of show or event that coincides with the party. Look in the local paper to see what’s on and pick something that will be genuinely memorable.

Use Professionals

Another option is to hire professional entertainers who can further add to the day. While magicians might not be the most original, they can genuinely amaze and if the tricks they do are good enough then this could be something that the children speak about for years to come. The same goes for professional dancers, clowns and any other entertainers. This is their job, and as such they will be sure to provide a professional quality of entertainment that you just wouldn’t be able to accomplish on your own. At the same time there’s no reason that you can’t be more creative in your choice of professionals too – why not have a professional mime or even a rock band? It might not be what you normally associate with a children’s party, but that’s the whole point: they’ll be experiencing something for the first time and that’s the kind of thing you don’t quickly forget!

These are just some of the ways you can make your child’s party memorable and special. There are many more, so think outside the box!

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