Face Painting Practices To Observe At Birthday Parties

Birthday parties always become cheerful and uplifting whenever there is face painting involved. Whether you are a child or an adult, once you get your face painted with whichever character or animal you like, you will definitely feel more excited to engage in the party activities. To ensure that face painting is done well and the materials used do not run out, there are a number of practices that should be followed when you decide to have face painting to spice up your birthday party as an entertainment option.

Getting paints for the face

It is crucial to establish that the paints you are getting are proprietary to face painting only. They should never be toxic and always be water-based, since they will be washed off at the end of the day. Purchasing paints that are oil based are usually hard to get rid of immediately and can even be evident on the face for days. These can lead to huge problems for the children’s parents or even the adults themselves.

You can source the paints from places such as party supply stores and craft stores. During the purchase, it is very important to select various colors so that the face painting activity will create more variations on the participants’ faces. Those that should be in small quantities should be red, yellow, blue, white and black. This is because they can be mixed together to produce other various colors for face painting.

When it comes to brushes, you can also obtain both thin and thick brushes them from the same store as the paints. For the base color on the face, you can use the sponge method to avoid mixing of colors. In case you need to increase your artistic confidence, you can always download patterns from the net as guides which you can practice with. Where necessary, you can make patterns using stencils for the various shapes you intend to paint.

The process of face painting


The outdoors are usually the best place to conduct the face painting. If this is not possible, it is important to put layers of newspapers or magazines on the floor when having to face paint indoors. This is to make sure the flooring does not get stained.

Since everyone has different preferences, it is essential to bring with you a list from which kids and adults alike can choose the patterns or characters they want painted on them. Thereafter, it is essential to tie the hair back during face painting and also to never paint over open wounds to avoid infections. When you find an area with an open wound on the face or neck, you can opt to paint the back of their palms or arms.

As you start, it is always best to start with the lighter colors before applying the darker colors. To avoid smudges, the colors should always be left to dry first before adding other layers. Once the face-painting or whichever other area was being painted is done, the participant should always be told to refrain from touching it for about 10 minutes till it dries. Of course, you can have a fan to assist in the drying process. Face painting can be made even more exciting by adding extra effects such as glitter to add a tinge of sparkle to their faces.

All in all, face painting is always an enjoyable experience. Putting a smile on someone’s face with fun paint in an occasion such as birthdays can enhance the party mood and makes the day memorable. As you can see, it’s not easy to get face painting right and that’s why there are professional services for face painting in Calgary for birthdays. Fret not, such services come cheap so why not try them for an upcoming birthday?

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