Why Are Airbrush Tattoos Gaining Popularity Today?

When you look around, you will notice that tattoos have become a fashion statement. In fact, many people are sporting two or even more tattoos. But some people don’t find heavily inked options their cup of tea. Some are even apprehensive about the permanence if they choose some options and that is why airbrush tattoos are their best bet. Below are the different reasons airbrush tattoos are gaining popularity:

Look like permanent options

When done well, airbrush tattoos look like the permanent ones. In fact, without a close examination, you won’t tell the difference. They are done so well that anyone who looks at you will appreciate. And everybody who wants to can now sport a tattoo.

They come in different designs


You will be spoiled for options when it comes to choosing a design that will complement a party. A good thing about the artists is that they will advise you on what will best suit the occasion. You can choose from the tribal design, flower design, superhero, dragon, magical creatures, animals or just anything that comes to your mind. Just make sure that whatever you choose is the best fit for the party.

Their simplicity

With airbrush tattoos, you don’t have to spend hours or lots of money to have it done. You can simply get this short term version. It only costs you a few bucks and won’t put a dent in your wallet. In fact, it is so affordable that everyone in the family can have it applied for a party. And if you are uncomfortable with the results, you can simply have it removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

It is a party pleaser

Why do people go to parties? To have fun, eat, socialize, drink and fun. Airbrush tattoo artists come in handy at a party as crowd pleasers. If you are a party goer, you will definitely be tempted to try them; they are simply an ice-breaker. The youngsters won’t wait to try out something new, the older people want to experiment how it feels like having a tattoo and the seniors will love the feeling of getting the tattoo as well. It is party time! And a party won’t be fun without an airbrush tattoo artist around; people of all ages; children, men and women want to have fun selecting colors, designs and sizes of the tattoo that they want to sport.

People love the way it is applied

The tattoo artist first cleans your skin where the airbrush tattoo is to be applied to remove oils and dirt from it. Then, the artist will place stencil. With the airbrush spray pen, he or she will fill in the area. The process will be repeated if more than one color is to be used. Alcohol swabs are used to clean any over spray. The final step is to dust the area so as to set the tattoo. As you can see, the process takes a few minutes to have everything done.

No ill effects

The substances used for airbrush tattooing are of hypoallergenic nature, meaning that you won’t suffer any ill effects from the tattoo being applied to your skin. And it is not painful; you can only expect a little tickle when airbrush tattooing is being applied. Another good thing about this kind of tattoo is that they are temporary. You can have them removed any time you want. Typically, they take seven days to clear from the surface of your skin, if that is your choice.

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