5 Party Activities to Keep the Young Ones Occupied and Happy

It is no surprise that the most popular party activities are the simple ones that have stood the test of time, but just because a party activity has its roots in the past does not mean it has to be dated. With a little tweaking any game can seem up to date or a bit different. Here are 5 kid’s party activities that will always be popular for children.

Pass the Parcel

How can this activity fail? It has music, prizes, and paper ripping. This is an easy one to appear modern, you simply need to buy themed wrapping paper with the latest toy or movie on it, and play some music that the kids will recognize (and perhaps sing along with). The anticipation of opening the final layer has always been a winner, but I like to put mini prizes in every few layers to make more kids happy.

Musical Chairs


This is a game that even the adults love to play, and one that gets the children genuinely excited. You will have no need to spice it up as even the mention of the game will have the kids whooping with delight. Keep the music upbeat to enhance the excitement, and include a few adults for the children to beat and feel extra special.

Blind Man’s Bluff

We all know that kids love to chase each other, and this game gives them the perfect opportunity. Start the game with one child with a blindfold on in the center, and the others in a circle around him. On a command, the child in the center has to tag one of the other kids who then becomes the blind man. You can vary this game by adding the tagged children as another blind man until all bar one is caught. This game will need supervision, but is guaranteed to be enjoyed by all.

Ping Pong Toss

This game is traditionally played with an open bucket or container, and is one that has the kids concentrating like professional darts players. To keep the game more attractive to the children you can have cartoon characters with their mouths cut out as targets Some variations would be to use small bean bags instead of ping pong balls (easier to throw), or have a stand up target with holes cut out at the mouth, hands, and feet.

Balloon Popping

This is another guaranteed winner with kids of all ages. You simply need some themed balloons (the last ones I used were Lego balloons), with a piece of paper with a present on it placed inside. The balloons are then blown up ready to be burst by the children. On the appropriate signal the kids grab a balloon and try to burst it by sitting on it. The first to burst the balloon gets the big prize, and the others get the prize on their piece of paper.

These ideas are great filler for any party, but to really make the party go with a bang you can use a party specialist. A specialist firm will have clowns, face painters, balloon artists, and perhaps even a magician to keep your kids entertained for hours.

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