5 Out-of-the-Box Games to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Party an Instant Success

If you want your child’s birthday to be a rocking success, traditional games such as passing the parcel or pin the tail on a donkey just won’t do. You need to think out of the box and come up with ideas that instantly hook your tiny guests. Here we have picked 5 such ideas that are guaranteed to make your kid’s birthday party an instant success.

Chocolate Making Party

What is that one thing that never fails with kids? You guessed it right – chocolates and lots of them! So, who wouldn’t want to be in a birthday bash, where you get to make your own fancy chocolate treats? Pile a table high with funky accessories – animal-shaped moulds, chocolate fountain, popsicles, bowls, brushes, silver candy decors and more. Don’t stop them; let the kids take a full go at it. They will eat it, spill it, smear themselves, but you will be surprised at the kind of creativity that comes out of them. Sometimes, being creative can mean being messy, but its good.

Balloon Bust

Perhaps the simplest game out there, but it guarantees a good laugh. Get your hands on as many tiny adorable gifts as you can. Blow up balloons with tiny prizes placed inside. Fill a huge basket with balloons and on the count of three, ask each kid to pick up a balloon. The kids have to sit on the balloons to pop it. No hands or legs, just the bottom! One who completes the task first will get a prize. Watching kids scramble around with their balloons is a pure joy to watch. As an alteration to this game, you can also try balloon sandwich. A balloon caught between two kids. Imagine the crazy fun!

Water Piñatas


What a fun way to cool off on a scorching summer day? This game is sure to get the kids up and running. Just tie up a bunch of water balloons together and let the little ones take a swing at it. Can anything match the fun of whacking away at the wriggly jiggly pod? Probably not! Watch your kids squeal with laughter every time they get their mark right and get splashed with water. Be careful though, you don’t want them to hurt themselves; rubber bats are a good choice here.

Button, Button – Who’s got The Button?

Simple game but fun nevertheless. Ask the kids to form a circle around the birthday boy or girl. Place the button in any one kid’s hand and have them pass it around back and forth in quick motion. Now, the centre player has to guess who has the button, if he/she guesses it right, they win the grand prize.

Smell It, Hear It

Fill a tiny jar with content; it can be anything – tiny clips, pennies, and candies and don’t forget to add vanilla or cinnamon essence to trick them into thinking that it’s a treat. Cover the jar with paper, and ask the kids to sit around in a circle. Blindfold them and pass around the jar. They can sniff around all they want, jiggle the jar to their heart’s content. One who gets the maximum guesses right will be the winner.

Go ahead and be a kid with your kids. That’s when the fun quotient of the day truly goes up and your child will simply love you for it.

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