5 Classic Don’ts to Avoid While Organizing Your Child’s Birthday Party


As parents, we want to make sure that our kids have the best birthday party. However, no matter how much we take care of things, mistakes are bound to happen. Likewise, an event like a kid’s birthday party has the potential to go wrong, even though you have planned it thoroughly. We are only human and we can’t foresee every probable situation. Here are a few factors that can ruin your properly planned kid’s birthday.

Sending Out Invites Late

Even though some of us work the hardest under pressure, it is better to plan things out well ahead of the actual day. This will also leave a lot of room for any last minute changes. However, if invites have been sent out at the last moment, it might lead to some of the parents not being available or the kid not being able to attend. Moreover, you know how important it is to have the kid’s parents around to take care of them because there is no way you will be able to take care of everything, plus kids.

Not Reminding Parents to RSVP

If you are someone who has organized parties, small or big, you know how important RSVPs are. It is especially important for a kid’s birthday party because you want to know how many children are going to be under one roof, at the same time. Knowing how many people are coming means you can also properly organize how many gift bags you will need, food, space, etc. You can either email the parents or give them a call. If you want to reduce chaos on the day, you need to remind the parents to RSVP.

Not Enquiring About Allergies

After planning for weeks and when the day finally arrives, you might find that a kid gets an allergy attack from the food. This can grievously hamper the celebration and if the matter gets out of hand, a trip to the hospital might also be needed. Therefore, make sure that when you send out the invitations, the parents informs about any case of allergy. This has the potential to decrease the chances of such surprises dramatically.

No Bouncing After Food

If you are thinking of hiring one of those inflatable castles, make sure that the kids stay away from it after their meal. Why, you ask? Because chances are high that kids might throw up after having had too much to eat. Moreover, if the other kids don’t see it and kept on playing in the bouncy castle, imagine the mess and the stink.

No Discretion

The most difficult part about planning a kid’s birthday party is whether to invite the entire class or a selected few because you do not want to offend anyone. If it’s within your budget to invite everyone, then it’s fine. However, if you cannot afford to invite the entire class, make sure that you tell your child to be discreet. As difficult as it might be for a child to keep things about their party to themselves, it is very important that they understand the situation. However, if you are planning to invite nearly everyone in the class, it’s better to invite everyone.

Just because your kid is still a child, doesn’t mean planning their birthday parties is going to be easier. Therefore, make sure that you have plenty of patience and it will be all worth it in the end.

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