4 Things that Make a Kid’s Birthday Party Fun

A kid’s birthday party is supposed to be full of fun and excitement. However, most parents fail to deliver on this and the party turns out to be dull. A cake and a few games aren’t enough to make your child happy on his birthday. There are a few more elements that are needed for it to be called a party. Fortunately for you we’re here to help you add those elements. Here are 4 things that make a kid’s birthday party fun and interesting:



If there’s no clown there’s no birthday party. Clowns are as synonymous to birthday parties as birthday cakes. They provide the entertainment and laughs that a kid’s party needs. Some clowns even perform magic tricks that children find fascinating. If you want your child to be smiling throughout his birthday, then you need to hire a clown. If you’re under a budget you should hire a clown fresh out of clown college. And by that I mean a novice who’s still trying to sharpen his skills. You’ll help him get a gig and in return you might get a discount.

Balloon Animals

Clowns are usually skilled at making balloon animals. However, if you’re not hiring them then you need to at least learn how to make balloon animals yourself. If you do that you won’t have to worry about future birthday parties. Making balloon animals might be tough, but it’s not impossible and certainly not something you can’t learn. Do a quick search on YouTube and you’ll find loads of tutorials that you can follow. Video tutorials are the best when you need to learn something new and complicated like making balloon animals. After all it’s your kid’s birthday you’ll have to put in some effort into the party.

Face Painting

This is something you see at carnivals, but it’s also a welcome sight at a kid’s birthday party. Face painting as an activity attracts a lot of children and adults too. It’s fun and exciting, just what you need for your party. When you hire somebody for face painting you need to make sure that they use safe colors. It’ll dampen the party mood if the color doesn’t come off or it causes an allergic reaction. If that happens you’ll be the one held accountable, so for your own sake hire a professional.

Bouncy Castles

Kids have a lot of energy in them. And when a whole bunch of them get together at a party you can imagine what’ll happen. If you don’t have the time to keep an eye on the kids, then make sure you hire a bouncy castle for their entertainment. They’ll spend their time bouncing up and down while you attend to other matters. Just make sure the kids don’t bounce after having their meal or it’ll come right out of them.

If you include the things mentioned here in your kid’s birthday party, then I’m sure he’ll have a good time. And so will the kids who attend the party.

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