4 Healthy Food Ideas For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Young kids love birthday parties even before they can quite figure out what it is all about. That can be understood. After all, what’s not to love about big creamy cake, presents from familiar and unfamiliar faces, music and everything makes a birthday party memorable? That is just but a rough idea of what successful kids’ birthday parties in Calgary should feel like.

So take your time to dwell on decoration, planning and hosting if your little one is about to celebrate his or her big day. But while at it, do not forget about what will fill the stomachs of your kid’s little guess. A good birthday as are about to find out, is not just about the theme, the cakes, candies and presents. It is all about celebrating in a healthy way. So with that in mind, consider the following healthy food ideas when planning for your kid’s birthday.

Going healthy with snacks

Snacks can make a big difference in any birthday party. Most parents don’t know this, but snacks are great for anyone planning a birthday party on a budget. You can stick to just the cake, a few snacks and drinks. Consider baked chips from flat bread. They are easy to make. Readymade ones are also affordable. But that not the best thing about them. They are healthier than regular corn chips mainly because they do not contain artificial flavors, food colors and additives. Serve them with cheesy or hommus chips. Keep in mind that baked chips are also ideal for adults.

When it comes to snacks, there are fish finger rolls for kids and of course, for adults. For adults, serve with yoghurt and capers. But for children, omit the filling and serve with tomato sauce. Remember to take care of guests who many not be fish lovers and you can go for baked mini sausage rolls. Avoid deep fried ones as they are not healthy.


Sweet treats can be healthy too

It is impossible to impress a kid at any party without something sweet. For kids, a birthday party is not complete without sweet treats; from candy and chocolate bars to cream coated biscuits and caramel, sugar is just everything to kids. It makes them merry. It therefore makes sense to have healthy sweet treats and allow the kids to include as much as they want. They will after all, be easting something healthy. So instead of store bought double choc mud cakes, take time to prepare a nice desert.

Try flower fairy cakes! They are easy to make, compact and require no plates. What’s more, you know what goes into the cake. Coconut lamingtons can be a good alternative if for one reason or another you find it hard to prepare flower fairy cakes. Peach ice cream, fruit smoothies and nuts are also good alternatives. The trick is to moderate sugar and fat levels.

Healthy main dishes

This is where it gets interesting. You have to come up with a simple meal. Remember kids will always want to taste a little bit of everything. By the time you want to serve the main meal or cut the cake, they may be already full. That is why snacks, deserts and the aforementioned treats should always be served in moderation. Be sure to also include one or two fruits that can boost their appetites or make arrangements for fun activities and games that will make them little bit hungry by the time the main meal is on the table.

Try paprika chicken strips and serve with coconut rice. Be sure to add one or two drops of sweet chili sauce on the strips. Pizza with sausage served with wrappings can also impress kids. Everyone loves pizza after all. So make your own pizza but with your own version of healthy toppings and just the right amount of fat.

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